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  • Section 1

    Bias Lives Inside All of Us

    We can all be kind and well-intentioned humans. At the same time, we can all be biased. In this section, we learn the meaning of the word BIAS and explain how it lives, in both subtle and big ways, inside all of us.

    People crossing a busy road
  • Section 2

    The Science of Bias

    If you’re human, you’re biased. But, the real question is: what do you do about it? Every brain develops its biases from the environment. But bias does not dictate our destiny. We can change the way we truly see ourselves and each other.

    brain anatomy
  • Section 3

    Bias IRL* (*in real life)

    Bias is a process initiated even before we are born. It is a process of learning about the structures and associations embedded in the world around us. But what actually are those structures in the world? Where is bias in real life?

    Bias is Intersectional
  • Section 4

    Serious Conse­quences

    When we don’t pay attention to our bias, we’re in trouble. Biases left unchecked can have serious consequences. They can become entrenched in our systems and our patterns of life.

    Asian American woman getting denied for a loan at the bank
  • Section 5

    #Retrain Your Brain

    Our world is structured in ways that reinforce and reflect systemic bias. But change is possible. Every big institutional structure was built and can therefore be rebuilt. It just takes work.

    A Protest against Anti-Semitic Acts in Billings Motana
  • Section 6


    We have work to do everywhere. But we can learn lessons from the biases that are changing for the better to make sure that we move in the direction of a safer and more equitable society.

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